Unpackaged, London

So I got a link today to an article about a small grocery shop in London that doesn't sell packaged food. Just about everything they have is sold in bulk, and customers are responsible for bringing their own packaging, eliminating waste and long-term plastic storage of food. This is brilliant, and I desperately want a store like this to open here in Ohio so that I can shop there.

In the world of my daydreams, someday shopping will universally go back to this--recognizable food, sans plastic or styrofoam, that you can buy in exactly the increments you need, no more, no less, from a small store.

Totally apart from whether hardcore environmentalists have got it right, it seems to me that this is just a more desireable way to live, and it's what really lies behind the Scrimpalicious ethos. I have no problem with home-processed, dried, frozen, or otherwise stored food, but it's time to do away with all of this fake, processed stuff, wrapped in plastic, sterilized, and totally disconnected from its source.

You can read the full article about Unpackaged and see more photos at the Inhabitat website.


  1. That's awesome. Whenever I'm buying produce in the grocery store I always wish I could be buying two carrots instead of the twelve that come in a pack.

    If you're interested in reading something on the subject, Slow Food Nation by Carlo Petrini (president of the organization Slow Food) discusses how horrible for the environment and for community structures the current food system is and potential means of rectifying the situation.

  2. Nice! Even at Whole Foods, they have wonderful bulk stuff but I don't think (I should confirm) that you're allowed to bring your own containers and tare the weight. I think it has to do with food safety laws. I could be wrong, though, and I should ask them about it.

  3. Man, I wish they had more things like that around here, too! That just looks like such a wonderful way to shop. We do have a farmer's market where I live, which I need to check out.

  4. Oh hey, I just wrote my own post and linked to your blog in my post. Hope that's ok. I wanted you to know so you can go check out my description in case you want me to change anything. :-)

  5. ::drool::

    We do have a lovely local natural food store here that encourages you to bring your own containers for bulk and otherwise. Unfortunately, they're still waaaaay into the packaged "health" foods. (I've never seen so much expensive cereal...)



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