About Scrimpalicious

Scrimpalicious is written by Mrs. Scrimp, a 20-something working wife living in Ohio.

Over the last two years, Scrimpalicious has evolved and changed, as these things do. The original focus of the blog was very focused on frugal living and smart housekeeping overall. Over time, Mrs. Scrimp has also started thinking and writing a lot about health, cooking, household management, herbalism, the politics of food freedom, and, above all, self-sufficiency.

So what should you expect from Scrimpalicious? There are recipes, how-tos, links to fun and interesting projects on other pages, occasional product and cookbook reviews, and, well, just about anything that has to do with living a good, healthy life in the middle of what some people call a recession, some people call a depression, and some people call economic recovery.

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Legal Things:

This site does not claim to provide professional opinions or medical advice. Always consult a doctor before taking herbal medicines or beginning a new diet or exercise program.

Unless otherwise stated, product reviews are unsolicited and provided without compensation to the author.

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