Busy Bee

So, I have a history of making impulsive decisions and then immediately following through on them because I'm too impatient to wait, and by wait I mean "stop, think it over, and make a plan."

By and large, this has worked out for me. I feel like my gut  instinct is good. However, I still don't think of this as a particularly great quality about myself because occasionally and eventually it inevitably leads to trouble.

That being said.. this time, I think it's going to be ok.

DIY Swiffer Cover

I am a big fan of the Swiffer. I use it to mop my kitchen, and to pick up cat hair around my house.

I am not such a big fan of constantly throwing away Swiffer pads, which never last as long as I feel like they should.

Enter Berlin's Whimsy, with this awesome Homemade Swiffer Cover pattern. Now you can Swiffer to your heart's content, unbutton (or un-velcro, cause there's no way I'm sewing buttonholes into a double layer of terrycloth), and then toss them into the wash to be re-used.

The terrycloth looks like it would be great for wet-mopping. I wonder how it does with picking up lint and cat hair.

Maybe I'll experiment with a different fabric for that--perhaps one of those really cheap fabrics that they make dollar-store stuffed animals out of. You know the ones. Five seconds out of the package and they're already covered in hair and dirt. It would be perfect!

Any other suggestions for dry-sweeping fabrics I could try?

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck

Ok. So I've talked before about processed foods. Today, I want to focus specifically on one of them, one that--for no particular reason other than personal caprice--is possibly my most-hated example of the entire genre.

I'm talking, of course, about margarine.

Seriously? This is not even close to appetizing.

DIY All-Natural Lip Gloss

Want to protect, adorn, and nourish your lips, save some money, and stop using gross chemicals on your mouth at the same time?

Of course you do!

And PlanetGreen is here to help, with a quick recipe for do-it-yourself, all-natural lip gloss.

I never do these because I always feel like the huge bottles of things like aloe vera and coconut oil that people want to sell me are just too big. I'm never going to use that much! But, as a way to cut costs and spread the chemical-free wealth a bit, why not consider going in with some girlfriends on the price of this gloss, instead?

Happy July, everyone!

I'm back from my unnanounced vacation! Sorry that I forgot to announce it--I knew it was coming and in the fuss and bustle of getting ready to drive halfway across the country and back, I forgot to pass that knowledge on to you.

Now I feel bad.

This is really just a filler post, but get ready for more later this week, both from me and Mr. Scrimp (if I can manage to convince him to use some of his remaining time off for blogging). Possible subjects I'm considering and working on? My vendetta on margarine, the progress of our container gardening project, the fun vintage jewelry I found in Connecticut, and my look at and suggestions about ways to weather the increasingly gloomy economy.

Stay tuned!


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