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I follow roughly a hundred blogs these days, and I add more to my feed every day. There's a pragmatic element to that--it's a lot easier to write blog posts of my own when I have a collection of cool links to send you on days when I haven't been cooking, crafting, or writing decor posts about crazy things you can do with toothpicks or something. But I also just really like reading blogs.

I found a new one just today, which looks to be right up my alley, and want to recommend that you check out Post Grad Hair Cut, especially because until February 1 she's doing a giveaway for a book all about how to make macarons. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment on her blog.

Is it really only Tuesday, Internet? By the end of the day yesterday I was convinced we had to be all the way into Thursday at least.

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  1. I hear ya about yesterday! It was a crazy day all the way around!!



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