Make Do and Mend

During World War II, the British government had a fantastic propaganda campaign going. War rationing hit the UK hard, and new clothes were not easy to come by. We need those nylons for the boys on the front!

Well, nobody's under war rationing right now, but the economy isn't showing many signs of getting better any time soon, and I think it's worth revisiting that old campaign to try and re-learn some of the tricks our grandmothers were using to keep themselves in stylish clothes when money and new fabric were scarce.

Recession Fashion

I think most of the people who read this blog like to shop at thrift stores. Right? Right? I mean, if you don't, why not? They're the best! Seriously, most of my favorite clothes come from the good old Salvation Army up the road.

But I'm also sure that all of us who have braved these temples to unwanted stuff have had the following experience...


I've got a whole lot of new things for you that I've accumulated in the last month (eek! month??) since I posted. Yikes. Since when is summer busier than the rest of the year? I'm not in school anymore but it hasn't been long enough for me to lose the association of summer with vacation and leisure.

Anyway, if you're looking for something fun and unique with which to take the edge off of how busy your summer has been, why not check out CHOCbite? They've got a whole range of customizable chocolate bars. No, seriously! You pick your chocolate, you pick your toppings, and then they're custom-made and sent to you.

Alternatively, I guess you could just hack it and do it yourself. ;)


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