Shortbread Buttons

Well, I've just finished making eight jars of jelly, and Mr. Scrimp is making us a delicious dinner involving lots and lots of fresh veggies and a little bit of sausage (mm).

But I hopped on the computer for just a minute and found, on CraftGossip, a link to a recipe and how-to for these adorable shortbread button cookies, designed by blogger forty-sixth at grace.

I love shortbread to death. It's one of the easiest types of cookie to make, and pretty much always comes out delicious. I will definitely be making these in the near future.


  1. Did you realize the measurements are in grams?

  2. It's pretty much a standard shortbread recipe. If you haven't got a kitchen scale, any shortbread recipe (check's my go-to) should work equally well once you add food coloring and roll it out.



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