Spring Cleaning

The spring thaw seems to be here. It's in the high 50's out today, there are birds everywhere and the sun is shining. I feel like I've come out of a cave or something--everything is so beautiful. I'm so excited just to sit out on our front stoop and enjoy the sun!

Today, I spent about two hours scrubbing the baseboards in our living room. I got a trusty spray bottle full of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, an old toothbrush, and a rag, and went to work spraying, brushing, and wiping clean. Dirty baseboards seem like a small thing but having them clean makes such a difference! I don't think the baseboards in this apartment have been cleaned in.. well.. a long time. Definitely years.

I also read the newest issue of Martha Stewart, shopped online for heirloom vegetable seeds (so that we can start container gardening this year!) and washed the windows.

What are you doing to greet the spring?

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