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Well, I'm back. Mr. Scrimp and I had a great weekend in Pittsburgh, eating, playing games, hanging out with great friends, and sleeping on an air mattress--I'm really glad to be back home and able to sleep in our own bed!

Sometimes I start to get really burned out on life in general and these mini-vacations are a really good way for me to step back and recharge my batteries. I'm feeling ready to to face the world again.

Today I'd like to recommend you visit my new favorite

This was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, who is the type of person who always seems to have everything together when it comes to keeping her financial life running smoothly. I am not one of those people, but hopefully this is another new tool that will help me get better at it! is run by the same people who do TurboTax, another service I use and like. If you enter your online login information for your bank or banks (it took me about a month of hemming and hawing to get over my fear of doing this and be sure I was reading their policies right), they'll sync up to your bank(s) for you.

Once that's done, they'll go through and automtically analyze all of your transactions, separating them by type (i.e. groceries, rent, income) and analyzing your past spending and earning history. It has budgeting tools, advice for saving, and is just a very serviceable and helpful piece of free financial management software.

Oh, that's right--did I mention it's free? is supported by ads, which means that you get all that budgeting, account tracking, and other useful tools without having to pay for them.

I'm not going to say you should run over and sign up for it right this minute because giving your banking information out, even to a trusted company, is a big deal and you should think it over carefully to be sure that's the right decision for you. Mr. Scrimp and I discussed it and leaned heavily on the recommendations of people we knew who had already used the system for a while without problems.

Note: This review represents my unsolicited opinion of a service. I was not compensated in any way for providing it.

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