Winter Blahs

The weather here in Ohio has been pretty crazy this year. We've gone back and forth from balmy mid-40's to bitter, bitter cold (windchill -2) in the space of a day or two.

It was warm yesterday, and I had hopes that maybe it would stick around, but instead I woke up to this out my front window:


It's not that it's snowing very heavily, or that there's been a lot of accumulation (yet), but just the pyschological impact of yet another day with steadily falling snow and no sunlight. Blah.

I'm stuck in the doldrums, people. All I want to do is mope about the weather and the fact that it isn't spring yet, and that's no good.

What are you doing to beat the winter blahs? Leave a comment and give me some ideas for how to fight it off!


  1. I remember those days in that area of the country...

    What's weird is that you aclimate to wherever you are... it's relatively balmy down here in South Carolina, but it's been pretty bitter for the past couple weeks (a few days in the 20's), and we all want to die, even my husband who was raised in the frigid environs of Akron, OH.

  2. Ok I admit it - I love Cleveland weather.
    I don't care for (which actually should be translated out to "I can't stand; melt in; am non-functional in") - hot humid weather, and I like gray days. Maybe because I grew up in Buffalo, which has so many of them. To me, they are days to be cozy and homey. I might read or bake or cook something hot and steamy or listen to an old movie while doing some chores. I like being a little cool [anything is better than hot ; )]. I dress warmly and I enjoy it. ...And it makes the bright sunny days that much brighter and sunnier.

  3. This is funny, I did this same exact thing a few days ago. Someone suggested to me reading favorite children's books (A Wrinkle in Time was one of her suggestions).

    I've been trying to stay busy in the kitchen and busy around the house and I keep as many of the shades up as possible to let in as much natural light as the day will allow. Even when I'm feeling super lazy, I've been trying to at least work on a knitting project... something about staying productive and not let a whole day slip by leaves me feeling better at the end of a day.

    And remember, March is right around the corner, February is a short month. :)



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