Beating the Blahs: Yellow!

Winter is not only cold in terms of its temperature, but its color palette. Every where I look, things are hard white, black, blue, and gray. This is a fine color scheme to have but after a while it just gets so overwhelming and dreary. I can feel myself starting to get depressed because of the weather, and that is just no good. Time to be proactive and focus on things that will make me feel happier.

I did a lot of blog reading last year while planning the Scrimp Wedding Extravaganza (n.b., if you're planning a wedding, be sure to read this website for inspiration), and I fell in love with one of the color schemes that was a Popular New Thing last year--yellow, gray, and blue.

So I collected some pictures of yellow things-around-the-house, to lift your spirits and mine while we dig out from under all this snow.

Remember how I told you about how much I love painted floors a while back? Well, I still love them, especially when done as well as this (from paisley wallpaper):

It just looks so happy! Someday, Mr. Scrimp and I are going to build our dream house, and it will have at least one room with a painted floor.

Speaking of painted floors, if you don't want to paint it yellow, you could always take a page out of Country Living, paint it white, and then paint some furniture yellow. Maybe a nice, antique, smooth yellow, a little distressed? I want to spread it on toast.


While you're at it, check out the Country Living segment this picture came from. They have an entire gallery of yellow decor inspiration photos.

Remember what I was saying about yellow and gray? Look how gorgeously they go together in that linen cabinet I just showed you, or in this living room here, featured by the Style Estate Blog:

It's all there--the gray filing cabinet as an end table, the black and white modern coffee table, and one beautiful teal pillow on the couch. I love it!

You can really go crazy with the teal vs. yellow thing. The contrast between them is dynamic and always visually interesting, especially when you use very saturated colors like the ones in this picture I found on Manolo for the Home:


Can you stand it? Because I can't. I love everything about that room. Everything.
But let's be real... the entire country is buried under snow (with a few exceptions, notable for how much I envy them right now), it's the middle of February, and my creative motivation skidded on some mental black ice and hit a telephone pole. I am not ready to start a big new project. 

I could maybe find the energy to try and emulate this Shaker-inspired look that I found at Remodelista, though. A thrifted chair, a little yellow paint, a couple of pegs on a board. Yeah, I could do that.

What I know for sure that I'll be doing is filling a big bowl with lemons. There are few things I love more than the look of a bowl full of lemons in the winter. They aren't there to really be useful, although Mr. Scrimp may snag one or two to make cocktails before they wither away. Nope, they're just there because a bowl of lemons is a beautiful thing, as Country Living demonstrates so well.  Doesn't this photo look like a painting?


Don't forget, Internet, it's already Thursday. Just two more days to get through before the weekend (and Valentine's Day!). Find something yellow to put in your house today, to remind you that all too soon you're going to be eating summer corn and complaining about the pollen from the goldenrods.

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  1. If you need any lemon recipes, I am collecting them and would be happy to share (I've stumbled across and tried several in the past 3-4 weeks).

    May whatever decor you undertake make your home warm and welcoming against the winter blues.

    What about bright green apples?



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