10% Reader Discount: Onyx and Silk at Etsy

Hey there, Scrimpalicious readers! Have you ever heard of furoshiki? They have a long, long tradition of use in Japan for anything from gift wrap to decor to a handy reusable shopping bag. Easy-to-use, incredibly versatile, beautiful, and, of course, eco-friendly, these would make a great accessory or gift this Christmas.
Etsy seller Alix with Onyx and Silk sells unique, handmade bags inspired by both furoshiki and Victorian design. I'm a particular fan of the neoshiki bag, a design based on the furoshiki that transforms into multiple types of bag depending on how you tie and arrange the fabric.

And because she's an old friend of mine, if you mention Scrimpalicious in the seller's notes on Etsy, Alix will give you a 10% discount. Go have a look!

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