I had a couple posts I was intending to write yesterday and it didn't happen. Those will go up this afternoon or evening, towards the tail end of Mr. Scrimp's and my busy day. There's church to go to, in-laws to visit, Christmas trees to get and put up, and actual work to do in addition to blogging.

Here's a question for you in the meantime, though--Mr. Scrimp won a $25 gift card to the Melting Pot through his work yesterday. Can anybody tell me anything about this place? I've never eaten there.

To come:

- The results of my attempt to make and fray that plaid scarf I posted a link to on Friday
- Photos of our newly bedecked Christmas wreath
- A bonus Five Dollar Decor post


  1. We have one here, and it is a rather delicious and fun fondue restaurant. Many cheeses!

  2. It's really good from what Jenni and Tim have said of their visits, but it can be fairly expensive from what I hear. You should see if they have a website/ menu online...

  3. I've only eaten there once, but it is quite pricey.

    Still, it's fun for a special occasion, and $25 will at least put a dent in what you'll spend.

  4. It is delicious. Go on one of their promotional evenings (and there are many)--80s night, costume night, etc. One thing I found out is that they'll give you as many dippers as you want with each fondue, so you don't have to buy as many. They have pretty good meal deals, though.



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