Joy the world.. and the Scrimps!

Well, Internet, I hope you had as lovely a Christmas as I did. I was apprehensive about spending my first Christmas away from my family, but Mr. Scrimp's family all did a lovely job of making me feel welcomed and part of their family, so even though I missed my family all day, I listened to them open their gifts from us over the phone, called them before Mr. Scrimp and I opened ours from them, and was able to be satisfied and happy with that.

I'm really thankful for the wonderful friends and family that I have. All of them together--and Mr. Scrimp most of all--make me feel loved and at home wherever I go. We had a wonderful first Christmas together and are looking forward to the new year.

And, I managed to completely surprise Mr. Scrimp with a wonderful gift from my parents--a KitchenAid artisan stand mixer! We've gone the last six months without even a hand mixer, and both grew up with KitchenAids, so you can imagine our glee upon opening it yesterday morning.

I hope that all of you out there had holidays that were equally peaceful and filled with love and joy.

I'll be posting Five Dollar Decor this evening to make up for not posting it yesterday (I know it was Friday, but it was Christmas!), but for right now I'm going to make the most of my vacation time and mop the floors while it's still daylight out.

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