Rental-friendly Wallpaper

Apartment Therapy has done it again, locating a new way to cover your wall even if you can't paint or put up wallpaper. And, if you're savvy about it, it shouldn't even cost too terribly much. I'm thinking about doing this in our hallway, or possibly in my craft room.

Essentially, all you need to do is pick up some decorative paper (the awesome quirky dog paper in the photos is wrapping paper from Paper Source). Line it up carefully, and attach it to the walls with small thumbtacks annnnnd... you're done!

Seriously. That easy.

And look how cute and unique those dogs make the whole hallway look! Larger photos at Apartment Therapy.

Oh, and if you have extra paper left over? Why not try updating some of your old dorm furniture with it, like so?

Is that beautiful, or is that beautiful? You could do this with contrasting, matching, or complementary papers for a whole host of different looks. (Instructions here).


  1. That's awesome.

    How do they make things so nice? I think if I tried to do that it would just be crinkly and uneven and would definitely be obvious as wrapping paper.

    -Liz (formerly SlowHomeGrown)

  2. Search me. I think Paper Source makes pretty heavy-duty wrapping paper, which is probably part of it. The more expensive stuff isn't so crinkly and fragile.

    I bet you could do some amazing things with sheets of brown packing paper (very heavy and hard to muss up--the same stuff they use for paper bags) and stamps or paint. Maybe white stripes or polka dots on a brown background? Granted, you have to like brown.

    You could also do stamps on butcher's paper, which is also quite heavy duty.



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