Pumpkin Village

So, Mr. Scrimp and I don't really do much for Halloween. I grew up in a no-Halloween family, and while Mr. Scrimp has many happy trick-or-treating memories, he's not super devoted to it. We go to a party with some friends, but that's it.

I do, however, love pumpkins. I love them uncarved. I love them carved. I love them painted. I love their seeds, and I love them in soup and pie. There is pretty much nothing about pumpkins that I don't love, in fact.

Which is why I thought this idea on ohdeedoh was so cool (picture after the cut)

It's a pumpkin village! You could carve out the windows and doors and light them up without having jack-o-lanterns (which expire pretty much immediately after Halloween). Plus, you get multiple pumpkins, which is always better than just one.

It's Autumn's answer to the gingerbread house. I love it.

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