DIY Project Inspiration

So, I was looking at some of the products available for sale from the. and I thought, as I so often do, "I could make that."

And I bet you could make it too--or some really cool spinoff of it.

Take a look at the picture under the cut and suggest ideas for other objects that would work for this framed object art.

The before -- Easy enough to imitate with thrifted frames, plywood, glue, white paint, and leftover hardware from here and there.

And the after -- Flowers in the vase, a book on the shelf, and a scarf on the hook. Love the way these frames turn simple, everyday objects into framed 3-d art that can be changed again and again!

There are a lot of variations that you could do with this if you were making it at home. Painting the frames black. Varying the background color. Or adding different permanent objects to the inside of the frames. Perhaps an arrangement of three different framed vases or planters.

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