Ok, listen. Regardless of your politics or personality, at this point you've probably realized that whatever the future might hold, the present is not doing you quite as many favors as you hoped it would. Money is tight across the country, gas is expensive, and nothing is quite as easy as you thought it would be before you struck out on your own.

A lot of the websites on frugal living out there seem to be run by or geared toward people who are already long married, settled down, and raising five kids. For those of us out there who are newly married, living together, or single in an apartment with no children, a lot of that advice doesn't seem to make sense or fit in with the lifestyle we're after. Hand-crocheted doilies make a great cheap gift for someone, but the chances are it isn't you or your friends, and a lot of the advice out there doesn't fit so well for people who want to eat fresh, organic foods, live sustainably, keep up with what's trendy, and still save money.

So here's a blog for younger people who still want to save money, to live on the cheap, and be healthy and happy doing what they believe is right for themselves and world.

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