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So, there are a lot of links on the sidebar of this blog. Probably about half of them go to crafting sites or blogs. Why is that?

I like to differentiate between poor and broke. My husband and I are broke. Poor people are poor. We aren't always going to have no money, we just don't have any right now. Poor is a state of mind. Broke is a state of being--a temporary one.

But in a practical sense, they're pretty much the same thing. Thing is, I don't want to look poor just because I'm broke and can't afford to buy nice things. The answer? I'll make 'em.

Even if you aren't artistic or particularly creative, there are so many things out there that are ridiculously easy to make or alter. See something you like at Anthropologie? (it's in my link list because I love to browse it for ideas). You can probably find someone who has made a cheaper copy using things they picked up at Goodwill. If they have a blog, they probably left directions for how you can do the same thing. Want to wear high fashion? You don't have to be fabulous at sewing to embellish or alter clothes you already have, and if you can't sew at al, it's worth it to learn.

You can have nice things and a nice life without looking like a bumpkin and without breaking your bank... if you're willing to be a little creative.

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