Five Dollar Decor: Maps

I have a longstanding love affair with maps. I particularly like the pretty antique ones, but the ones pulled from the atlas are just as good, if you ask me. I like to look at them. I like to think about them. I just like having them around. They are cool. I am a map enthusiast.

I would do this

And you know who else was obsessed with maps? Winston Churchill. So you can wipe that condescending look off your face, smartypants. Maps are awesome.

I haven't done all of the projects in this week's Five Dollar Decor post, but I think I can honestly say that is only because I don't have the time to do all the projects I want to do. Someday, though. Someday.

1. Map Lantern

This is actually something someone expects you to buy for $75. I'm not quite sure why you would do that. Not because it isn't totally awesome...

It clearly is
... but because it's so simple. The only things you need to make one of these for yourself is a $1 paper lantern and a few (you guessed it!) maps. And maybe a cutting template, if you're worried about freehanding. And a glue stick. But still. This shouldn't cost you more than $5 total to replicate. Less, if you use a lampshade you already own.

2. Maps on Doors

My house has no french doors (alas and alack) but someday I will have french doors, and I know what I will do with them.

Once again, no instructions provided. Had I been able to find some, I'd have shared, but no such luck. It's okay, though. I believe in you and I bet you can figure it out on your own.

3. Road Map Cork Board

Want to create a fun (and potentially functional) piece of map-related wall art that isn't just a map in a frame? Not that maps in frames are bad, of course, but variety is the spice of life, after all.

Why not mod podge a road map onto an old cork board and cut it out?

Nothing says it has to be a state, either. You could cut out another country, or perhaps a metro area that you particularly love. The instructions also include low-impact/rental-friendly hanging directions, which is handy and fun.

4. Mat a Picture With a Map

One of the reasons I like maps is because I like to think about places that are important to me. This project combines important places with important events by framing a photo in a map of the photo's location.

This is so very sweet. And I'm very pleased to say that even though I found it on Pinterest and there were no instructions, I found someone else who figured out her own set of DIY instructions for this project. Hooray!

5. Make a Map Into a Picture

Some people would ask you to pay well over $200 for artwork made from maps.

If you can't copy this for less than $5 and 15 minutes, probably with things you already have on hand, I will be genuinely shocked. Hmm. A frame, some scrapbook paper, and a couple of pages of maps. Oh, and a glue stick, perhaps.

I don't see that there's any excuse for not getting on board with this trend. Apparently everybody wants to get their hands on things made from maps, and someone out there is willing to pay a ton of money for it. Go out and copy, my friends. Really, how can you resist?

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  1. Cool! One thing: the 9 map-heart artwork was selling (well, attempted selling) for 245 pounds... that comes to a bit over $375! WELL over $200 indeed!

    Man, I need to get into making these things...



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