Anthropologie Rosette Bedspread Tutorial

I am almost speechless with admiration over this beautiful Anthropologie-inspired duvet made by Kirstin of kojodesigns. I don't know what I love most about it--the awesome low price? The fact that it completely captures the beautiful appeal of the much more expensive original? The simplicity of the project?

Nope, I can't decide. I love everything about it equally.

Kirstin used jersey (pillaged from t-shirts and some king-sized sheets). Sarah at This Crazy Blessed Life recreated the look using Kirstin's tutorial, white muslin from Wal-Mart, and an Ikea duvet for a total cost of (brace yourself) $53!

Compare that to $288 for the king-sized version at Anthropologie and you can color me totally impressed.


  1. That's amazing! Sadly, my walmart just stopped selling fabric, but there's always Hobby Lobby.

    Nice to meet you on blogchat.

  2. Isn't it gorgeous? Hobby Lobby would be a good choice for sure. My Wal-Mart doesn't sell fabric but I found another close one that does... so... score.

    Nice to meet you, too!



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