I spent some time with Mr. Scrimp's mom yesterday. We hung out, made ice cream, and canned blueberry jam--and she gave me a huge bag full of fresh spearmint!

This stuff grows like a weed, but it is a super useful plant, and I'm really excited to have so much of it. I will be hanging this batch in my pantry to dry for easy storage and use throughout the upcoming year. For instance, did you know that spearmint tea can treat nausea?

This fall, one of our goals is to reduce our use of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and one of the ways we're preparing to do that is by making our own remedies at home.

Do you use any home remedies or herbs on a regular basis?

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  1. Oregano oil pretty often and Elderberry syrup are the two that I most often go back to. :} Mint is always great though! Ginger too and garlic. You said you had a bruise the other day? I haven't tried this yet, but sliced onion is supposed to help with a bruise (you put it right on the bruise)... might be fun to see if it would work. :}



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