Who Does the Cooking?

Who does the cooking in your house?

In case the "Mrs. Scrimp" moniker didn't give it away, I'm a lady. As a cursory glance through this blog will show you, I do a lot of the cooking in the Scrimp household.

But don't let my "happy housewife" attitude fool you. Mr. Scrimp does fully half the cooking, cleaning, and crafting in this house, and I'd be up a creek if he didn't. I think it's a fabulous thing about life in the 21st century that we both work, we both cook, and we both clean equally.

Why do I mention this? Well, I read an article today over at An Attitude Adjustment. It's called Women in Aprons, and it points out that a lot of us in the foodie movement (and I'm thinking particularly about bloggers just now) have put a lot of focus on women cooking for their families. Don't get me wrong, that's awesome, but... well, I'm just going to let them speak for themselves, here.

"I’m fine with a food revolution. I’d love some simple, tasty ideas for nightly meals that don’t make me break a sweat or gain five pounds. But if the food revolution is going to take hold, we need to make sure it is a joint venture. Men and women roasting garlic and chopping onions. Men wearing the aprons as much as women . . . It’s best if men and women can tackle this new endeavor together, even when the chicken is burned"

Go read the whole thing. There's some real food (ha!) for thought in there.

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