Our First Fake Tree

I'm so ashamed! I never, ever thought this day would come.

Mr. Scrimp and I have a fake Christmas tree this year.

And I even like it a little bit.

What possessed us to do this? I've never had a fake tree in my life, and I've always been very clear that I didn't ever want to have a fake tree. But we're going out of town for Christmas this year, we didn't want to leave a live tree behind for a week where the cats could get at it and a housesitter would have to water it, and Mother-In-Law Scrimp offered us a very cute, 3-foot-tall artificial tree.

To compound the problem, I went and picked up some absolutely embarrassingly artificial pine garlands at the dollar store. I'm so ashamed.

Ok... let's be real. If you want to have an artificial tree--more power to you. I have heard and understand all the myriad arguments in favor of fakery. But the artificial tree is lacking something crucial. What's that, you ask? The smell! It can't really be Christmas without the scent of pine needles wafting through your home.

Well, that problem has been solved for me this very day. Merely by salvaging some cast-off branches from the closest tree farm, putting them in water with a little cinnamon and clove, and warming the water up, I can make my house smell like the freaking North Pole and not worry about coming home to a living room carpeted in pine needles the week after Christmas.

And so can you! Visit Organic Authority to get their quick and easy recipe for Christmas tree scented potpourri.

(Seriously, though--next year? We're back to a live tree. )


  1. I heart artificial trees. Mine even has expensive Radko ornaments on it, that you all better not break when you are here. Your post also lead me to thinking about the big stink folks make about the rain forest being destroyed by all them trees that are being cut down. What about the massive quantities of trees growing each year just to be destroyed and memorialized with hot xmas tree lights, you know the ones I am talking about, and crafty ornaments you made when you were five. Does that mean you believe in global warming if you get a live Christmas tree?

  2. Ah - think of it this way: While the live trees are growing, they are adding to the O2 / CO2 exchange. Then, after they have done their duty (yes duty) of serving our Christmas decorating needs (yes needs) then they are composted to make fertilizer. See? ; )

  3. We have to fake it due to space mostly. I miss having a real tree, though. Even though it's a pretty decent fake tree it still looks like Charlie Brown Christmas to me. (You must have to drop a fortune to have a realistically full fake tree.) But as long as there's a tree it feels like Christmas and it saves us a lot of time and energy (and money, let's face it, real trees are kind of pricey, at least out here).



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