DIY Swiffer Cover

I am a big fan of the Swiffer. I use it to mop my kitchen, and to pick up cat hair around my house.

I am not such a big fan of constantly throwing away Swiffer pads, which never last as long as I feel like they should.

Enter Berlin's Whimsy, with this awesome Homemade Swiffer Cover pattern. Now you can Swiffer to your heart's content, unbutton (or un-velcro, cause there's no way I'm sewing buttonholes into a double layer of terrycloth), and then toss them into the wash to be re-used.

The terrycloth looks like it would be great for wet-mopping. I wonder how it does with picking up lint and cat hair.

Maybe I'll experiment with a different fabric for that--perhaps one of those really cheap fabrics that they make dollar-store stuffed animals out of. You know the ones. Five seconds out of the package and they're already covered in hair and dirt. It would be perfect!

Any other suggestions for dry-sweeping fabrics I could try?


  1. I have a dry swiffer that I have had for at least 10 years. I use it for both wet and dry. For wet I use double terry cloth and for dry I use old felted wool sweaters that I have cut into rectangles to fit the swiffer head and poke into the original holes to hold it in place. They work awesome on dust and hair, just throw in the wash and throw away when they are too felted to work anymore. I have not had to throw any out yet as I cut them just a bit larger than needed to start.



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