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So, I have a history of making impulsive decisions and then immediately following through on them because I'm too impatient to wait, and by wait I mean "stop, think it over, and make a plan."

By and large, this has worked out for me. I feel like my gut  instinct is good. However, I still don't think of this as a particularly great quality about myself because occasionally and eventually it inevitably leads to trouble.

That being said.. this time, I think it's going to be ok.

After having a money talk with Mr. Scrimp, I was thinking about money and how sometimes our hobbies can get expensive. I'm not ready to give up, say, sewing, just because quality materials cost a ton of money. But I also don't like the quantity of our budget that goes towards camping trips, sewing projects, and games we play.

So, I figured out a (partial) solution! Because there's no immediate pressure to get this money, I figured that rather than saddle myself with a second "real" job in which I have to work for other people, I should just try and wrangle one of my hobbies into something lucrative. Without a second thought (seriously, it took about five minutes from idea to execution) I hopped on a nerd message board that Mr. Scrimp and I both frequent, and offered my services as seamstress to anybody who needed a costume.

Note: It is a sometimes little-known fact about nerds that they love to dress up in costumes of all sorts, for all kinds of occasions.

Since then, I've had a steady stream of inquiries, and enough projects either in negotiation or arranged that next month, my hobby will be free. The best part? Almost all of the projects are quick and easy, or things I've done before.

Have you ever thought about trying to wrangle your hobby or personal skills into something that can make you a little money on the side?

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  1. I tried selling books on eBay last summer. The plan was to buy them way cheap at garage sales and resell them on Amazon. I knew of someone who had made so much off this plan that it was his full-time job and he'd had to build a bigger house to store all the books. Well, I gave up after about 2 months. At least I made most of my money back, and I ended up with a great bookcase!



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