Recession Fashion

I think most of the people who read this blog like to shop at thrift stores. Right? Right? I mean, if you don't, why not? They're the best! Seriously, most of my favorite clothes come from the good old Salvation Army up the road.

But I'm also sure that all of us who have braved these temples to unwanted stuff have had the following experience...

I bet you know what I'm going to say. It's that time when you see something that is completely perfect... or would be, if only it wasn't a voluminous tent covered with terrible embellishments, awful trim, shoulder pads that reach to the sky, and a cut that makes even dowdy dresses look chic.

Does this ring a bell?
Enter New Dress a Day, a blog from an enterprising gal who decided to set aside $365, buy 365 awful $1 pieces from here and there, and alter them into 365 new, stylish outfits. It make my Scrimpy little heart burst with admiration, believe you me.

Hard to believe it's the same dress, right?
You'll be happy to know that each transformation has its very own blog entry, complete with step-by-step pictures of the alteration process and a shot or two of the new outfit in action.

For those of you who don't sew, there are even occasional suggestions for quick no-sew substitutes like tape and safety pins (although I personally would recommend fabric glue if you're not going to sew, since it's more permanent).

So go out into the world, my fellow recessionistas, spend a buck, break out the scissors and the sewing machine, and make something sad and old into something new and fabulous!


  1. Wow! I have to check out that blog. What an interesting challenge. And yes; it is hard to believe that is the same dress!

  2. That is amazing! Goes to show what a little time and attention can do.



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