DIY Maraschino Cherries

There are few drinks more evocative of childhood than a Shirley Temple. I can remember countless trips to restaurants with my grandparents and parents, plunging my fingers as discreetly as possible (read: not very discreetly) into the icy depths of my ginger ale to fish out the impossibly red cherry at the bottom.

Even as an adult, I'm a huge sucker for maraschino cherries. However, I rarely eat them because they're full of sugars and dyes and weird things, and I never buy them.

But I see no reason not to buy fresh cherries, and if I happen to also buy a little maraschino liqueur to soak them in for a few weeks? Oh well. I will blame NPR, because they're the ones who told me that I could make grown-up, original-style maraschino cherries at home and forgo the gross processed stuff.

(Note: for readers with kids who don't want to give them alcohol-soaked cherries, the page also has a non-alcoholic version of the recipe)


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  2. Congratulations on becoming my new favorite person. I LOVE maraschino cherries. In fact, for the few years that I didn't drink, I always had Shirley Temples. I'm absolutely going to be trying this the second I get some free time - and some cherries.



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